Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding my health and employment status I am unable to continue to head this event.  Our club is in a state of change and is not able to take over at this time.  I have been heading this as an individual and my attempts to bring other groups into the fold have not worked out.  My current work schedule will keep me out of town during the planned event dates.

For all of you who contributed financially to this event, please send me a paypal address to process your refund.  I am in the process of getting my deposit back from the venue, and everyone should be refunded in a few weeks.  For those just looking forward to reviving C4, I apologize.  C4 has always been something I felt was truly special in the retro world and I hope someone will pick up the torch for next year.



So after 42 years, the Drawbridge Hotel has shut their doors.  This was our home for 6 years and will be missed as a venue.  They always treated us well.  I have spent the last several weeks working on an alternate venue.  So far, the best choice has been the Radisson at the Indianapolis Airport.  They are thus far, the only venue allowing us late night access to the expo room (a key difference between C4 and other expos)

I expect to get a contract in hand in the next week and secure our date of Jun 8,2013.  I will post more info as it becomes available.

Welcome to the home of the midwests premier retro computing and gaming expo.  We are trying something new for the 2013 expo and crowd funding the cost so admission can be free to all!  So click on the donate button and help us out!